Corrosion resistance alloy (CRA) Weldoverlay cladding is a welding that deposits surfacing material on a substrate usually to improve corrosion or wear resistance.CRA Weldoverlay cladding provides a metallurgical bonding to substrate (base material) and the cladded component act as one composite material

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet, and at opportunity exceed, our client’s expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through;
Developing specialized and sophisticate machinery and equipment
Investing on skilled workforce while also Encouraging unskilled workforce
Continuous improvement in our production process, testing methods, and procedures

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading manufacturer and fabricator provider for the energy sector in ASIAN AND AUSTRALIAN Continent.
CES Management respects the Core values of business and maintain the principles of achieving the mission and vision by maintaining the Safety, Quality of service, Customer focus, Teamwork, Passion, Integrity of services

Customers & End Users