EGCS Overboard Discharge Pipes

CES Weldoverlay Cladded Overboard Discharge Pipes is a hassle-free product for long-term, which is highly immune to corrosion and abrasion up to 10 years*.

We have developed and delivered a wide number of overboard pipes with weldoverlay cladding for the challenging acidic environment on drain and exhaust lines of scrubber or EGCS or other wash water drain systems.

This type of metallurgically bonded overboard pipe provides good corrosion resistant internally (by 625 CRA layer), at the same time high mechanical strength outside (by CS material properties).

We would like to state that weldoverlay cladded overboard pipes are robust design and highly durable. Since the internal surface is 100% 625 cladded / sealed including the transition regions, there is no chance for direct contact of acidic wash water to carbon steel pipe surface.

Weldoverlay Cladded Overboard Pipes allows to perform any partial surface welding externally (ex. bracket plates fillet welding on steel pipe) without affecting the quality of internal corrosion resistance layer.
Also, the diffusor pates can be directly welded on the internal corrosion resistance layer using same grade filler material. If required, the overboard pipes can be joined with fittings such as elbows and reducers to suit with the existing valve or pipeline.